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SHOWstudio offered the public a chance explore their extensive archive of original fashion illustrations at it's three month Pop-Up Gallery on Covent Garden's Floral Street. Organised and curated by Bex Cassie, the space hosted a selection of SHOWstudio's illustrators taking residency in the space, offering the public a chance to watch them work first hand. 

SHOWstudio has consistently pushed the boundaries of communicating fashion and all stages of the process. Throughout the years, as a key advocate of Fashion Illustration, Bex has been tasked with gathering a community of the most exciting emerging and established illustrators and has commissioned a variety of unique and collectable artworks for its seasonal collections coverage, for special projects, and exhibitions. During each fashion week, Bex selects leading artists and emerging illustrators, to capture their favourite designs as they appear on the catwalks of each major city, for SHOWstudio's collections coverage. As affordable and unique pieces, they offer a perfect entry point into collecting art.

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